Friday, June 24, 2011

More about Kaloser

How on Earth does Kalel still has viewers who actually enjoy her videos is beyond me. If you notice on other channels little fangirls will tell their favorite guru how much they look up to them and inspire to be like them. Not for Kaloser! Who would actually enjoy her life? She sits at home all day with her boss kitty talking to herself in front of a camera. This bitch is in her early twenties in South California and never goes out with anyone. Its pretty pathetic how her boyfriend, Anthony Padilla from Smosh, won't even recognize her as his girlfriend. They have almost been dating for a year and he hasn't said a word about her. Anthony, are you embarrassed that you have a lazy girlfriend who isn't doing anything with her life? FFs, Kristin, go take a couple classes at a local community college to help you get out of the house. If she stays in her house any longer her social skills will go down the drain like Queen KaiKaiz. When she does try to make human contact she is just ignored by the people she is trying to talk to.


So moomoo decided to make a rant video about annoying whores on her facebook. She talked about the girls who post pictures of themselves in their bathing suits or acting slutty are extremely annoying and tacky. UMM excuse me, Morgan, but don't you do this on Tumblr? She went on to say how those pictures will be on the internet forever and can ruin your life. How about you take your own advice momo!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Queen of Useless Videos

Watch out Lizzy and Lisa Fowler there is a new QVC bitch in town and her name is Kristen Smith aka Kalel Cullen. Now Kalel's videos have never been very helpful, but lately they have been pretty useless like her video about how to tie a knot in your t-shirt. Not everyone wants to look like a 3rd grade prostitute, Kristen! Lets not forget all of her sponsored videos for Lancome and Urban Decay. It was so obvious that she does not even try out the products before filming because all she raves about how amazing the packaging is and creams her jeans when she swatches the colors in the palettes. Although Leesha, xsparkage, is notorious for receiving free products and not disclaiming it for the FTC at least she tries out the products before making a review and will make a tutorial using the makeup she received. Kalel could not make it more obvious that she only cares about money when she made the video about her Phospher watch. How is being affiliated with a watch company beauty related? Oh yeah, its not! She can't pull it off as it being fashion related because home girl has no fashion sense. If a company is going to send you free products to review for thousands of girls to watch wouldn't make sure to give a great review? Not for Kalel, because all she cares about is the money and the free shit.

In Other News

Our beloveded KaiKaiz got a perm! Apparently Kai was channeling her 80s teenage dream with the buying mom jeans to match her perm! Hopefully her chest hair won't get stuck in the pant's zipper!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Foreverkailyn the scammer

Sorry this didn't go up sooner.

So, for the past few days Foreverkailyn has been a huge topic on this blog. She's always the talk of this blog because of how ridiculous she is. She never fails to make us laugh and shake our heads. Well, this time it's more serious. A few days ago people were wondering why she was uploading so many videos. Well, the reason for that was because she made partner. Someone spotted ads on her videos as well as her channel. Now, the reason why this is huge news is because it is not the first time she has made partner!

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A few years ago Kai was a Youtube partner but got her adsense account revoked because of suspicious activity. Google suspected that she was clicking her own ads which she probably was. It is a known fact that once Google takes away your adsense for fraudulent clicking you are to never EVER have an account again. So how exactly did Kailyn get another adsense account? How is she partner again? People have been speculating that she used her mother's information, while others think she just hasn't verified her information. Whichever way it was it is still FRAUD.

Someone asked about the Kai's situation and this is the response they got:

Anyone who dared comment or tweet her about the ads on her videos/channel instantly got blocked. Kailyn, why were you trying so hard to keep your partnership a secret? Did you think your viewers were stupid enough not to figure it out? Or where you just scared that all the ~haters~ would ruin it for you? Whatever the reason, you ruined it for yourself the minute you scammed Google into getting another adsense.

Kailyn decided to open up another formspring account tonight.After she got bombarded with questions about her partnership she decided to disable the account. By the way, it didn't last long at all. She then took to twitter to rant about the ~haters~ and finally she addressed the situation. Let's hope she uploads the video soon!

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If you haven't gotten the chance and want to report Kai here is the link:

Apparently Kai has signed up with Style Haul on youtube. Style Haul is a youtube channel that features certain beauty guru videos. Some of the biggest gurus that have signed on to Style Haul are xsparkage, dulcecandy, macbarbie, and ahanhbarbie. Somehow our precious foreverkailyn is a part of Style Haul. Since Style Haul is a youtube partner with Adsense, the gurus that are signed up with them are also getting a slice of Style Haul's paycheck. This is perfect for someone like Kaikaiz, who had lost her Adsense and is not able to get it back. The revenue that Kai receives is probably very small, but money is money to KaiKaiz. Kai is a dirty, cheap, manipulative bitch who would do anything to get her hands on money.

When Kai's Style Haul video finally appeared on their channel all hell broke loose in the comment section. People started criticizing the fact that Kai can not apply makeup properly and the fact that she is on a style channel makes no sense. Within minutes the video was deleted! WIN FOR US! here is the video if anyone missed it.

Here is a screencap of the comments left on the StyleHaul video:

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